Welcome to my Keto Blog

I will be sharing my journey with Keto in this Blog. One of the most important teachings from my studies was to separate the nonsense from the truth. When we do research or look for facts, we should be very selective of what we accept as truth and what we discard as nonsense, hype or marketing.

Science on topics such as cancer and diet exist, in fact some science and knowledge have existed for a long time, but we often don’t use the science available to us and fall for tricks by marketing departments to turn to junk food, or the next diet book, pill or quick fix that just doesn’t work.

Furthermore, more often than not, people and product labels tell us that we should buy something because it is safe to eat or use and that the product or ingredient is all natural when in fact it is not. We should pay special attention to the products that we purchase, especially the products that we think is good for us. Have a look at all the added ingredients that is added to the food that we deem healthy. The next time you grab a bottle of olive oil, olives, mince, or yoghurt, have a good look at the list of ingredients and make sure you understand what is in the food that you and your family consume.

If you are going to take this journey with me, make a commitment to yourself to read the science behind stuff related to this blog and let’s stay away from hype or marketing that sells quick fixes. And perhaps most importantly let’s stay away from conversations with friends and family that have good intentions and have strong opinions, but have really very little knowledge on the subjects.

Challenge whether people know the science behind something, or have they in fact just read a book that you would not expect to find in a university library with true science or knowledge that they can reference.

In this blog, I am going to document my journey to better health and weight loss on the keto diet or ketogenic diet with the aim to share information that is not ambiguous and always separate fact / science from fiction as far as possible.