Change your body

I am a 42 year old male. And just like any other guy out there, I want to run and cycle as fast as I can every time I get out there. I want success now, and I want to run as fast as I could when I was 24 years old and I want to beat the guys that never stopped running since their twenties.

The fact is I haven’t looked after my body very well for 15 years as I, like so many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and consumed foods and beverages that aren’t nutritious and doesn’t heal my body.

When we do realise we need to make a change, we tend to get into a gym or sport and we read articles from magazines with titles such as, “get this look in 12 weeks” or “run your fastest 5km in three weeks” etc. Those articles sell, but they are often far from reality.

Can we really go from hardly walking 4000 steps a day to running 7000 steps, or are we simply setting ourselves up for injury and failure? We all want that quick fix, but true success is usually build in small increments of improvement. I tend to think about it in a similar way as Albert Einstein’s compounding effect. If we make a little improvement every day, we will see a huge improvement over time without putting too much stress on our bodies.

Think about the stress on your tendons, muscles, bones and joins hitting the pavement 100 times per minute for 30 or 40 minutes, going harder and faster at twice the distance than your body is used to. Our bodies are bound to gain injuries, perhaps small, perhaps big, but even small little injuries lead to inflammation and stress. Just think about how you will feel the next day after that training session? One will probably be sore, struggle to walk and require some considerable motivation to go back. Eventually we will convince ourselves that it isn’t worth going back to the gym.

Why would we put ourselves through that stress if we could gain health, fitness and turn our bodies into fat burning machines in a far more enjoyable way?

There is a better way, it is called MAF, but more on that later.