Should we use sweeteners

It often feels like a daunting prospect for people to stop using sugar. Companies therefore offer sweeteners to people that realise that they should stop using sugar as refined sugar contributes to fat gain and poor health. Some of these sweeteners often claim that they are natural.

We should not use any of these products. Full stop.

In case you are not convinced, consider this. None of these products are actually “natural” and this includes stevia products. Sweeteners such as aspartame have been linked to cancer. Some of these sweeteners are sweeter than sugar. When the brain receives signals that the body has consumed sweets, then it does exactly what we do not want it to do. Insulin levels are raised, fat burning is stopped and what we are consuming is probably stored as fat.

We have a specific product at home that we also bought with good intentions to stop using sugar, use more natural products that are lower in calories while we were being silly and didn’t even read the label or think about what were buying or consuming. The product is called Xylitol and it is 100% carbs, i.e. 100g of Xylitol is 100g carbohydrates. The product labelling describes it as nature’s substitute and that one serving xylitol replaces one serving of sugar. Sugar cannot be more than 100% carbohydrates, how can it be better than sugar?

So, when we are not consuming natural whole foods such as sweeteners, then we are eating junk food. Artificial sweeteners are often between 200 and 20,000 times sweeter than sugar. If your goal is to stop using sugar, then using sweeteners to help you stop the addiction for sweet things, is certainly not a good idea. Don’t replace the addiction, stop the addiction.